It is a second Generation parenteral iron preparation. It is only be administered in low doses because of weak iron complexes.


Iron deficiency anemia in which requires the rapid substitution of iron.

Doses and administration

It is used intravenously only and can be given by injection or infusion. Dose determination of iron need Conventionally calculated using Ganzoni formula:
Cumulative iron deficit [mg] = body weight [kg] x (target Hb – actual Hb) [g/dl] x 2.4 +iron storage depot [mg]

  • Below 35Kg body weight: Target Hb = 13gm/dl and storage iron =15mg/kg body weight
  • 35 kg body weight and above: Target Hb = 15gm/dl and storage iron = 500mg

Total dosage

The total dosage should not exceed 200mg of iron given not more than three times per week.


  • Known hypersensitivity to iron sucrose or any of its excipients
  • Iron overload or disturbances in the utilization of iron
  • Patients with a history of asthma, eczema or another atopic allergy, because they are more susceptible to experience allergic reactions
  • Pregnancy first trimester.

Adverse reactions

Transient taste perversion (metallic taste), hypotension, fever and shivering, arthralgia, injection site reactions and nausea.

Use in special population

Pregnancy: Category B. contraindicated in the first trimester. Should be used in second and third trimester only.

Pediatric use: Safety and efficacy not established.